In Japanese mythology – an immortal spirit, zealously guarding the treasures hidden in the mountains.

Konstantin Vanin

bronze, golden obsidian

height – 24 cm


Original Japanese inscription “TENGU-VORON” – 烏 天 狗
According to legend, this creature that lives in the mountains and passionately defends its territory from uninvited guests. Outwardly TENGU resembles a man’s half-crowed gender. Tengu has incredible sword skills. It is believed that TENGU became the prototype of the famous ninja. There are descriptions of how TENGU taught people their skills, and they became invincible warriors.

TENGU karasu tengu
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We creаte sculptures from idea in ЗD to realization
from precious metals and semi-precious natural stones.
The exclusivity and originality of our work will bring the necessary atmosphere of sophistication in the interior of your home or office.


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